Monday, June 11, 2007

Yankees on FIRE!!!

Oh by the way ... the Yankees are 6-0 since the creation of THE MASIV BLOG. In the immortal words of David Putty, "Yeah that's right".

Maybe Gutless didn't want to feel the wrath of another tounge (or typing)-lashing from me.

Bobby Abreu is on fire

Robinson Cano is remembering how to hit the ball

A-Rod is smacking the ball

The starting pitching (for the most part) is holding things together

In a year where the Yanks couldn't go a day without someone getting hurt, who knew the injury to Jason Giambi might be the best thing that's ever happened to this team so far this season. It's allowed Johnny Damon to DH and rest his sore feet and legs and keep his goal of never going on the DL in his career alive. It's allowed Melky Cabrera to play CF. Do you remember when Melky came up in 2005 and in his first game at Fenway Park, looked like he never even walked on outfield grass in his life? Now he's playing like a CF should. His arm is one of the best the Yanks have had and he's putting together some highlight-reel catches for his career. Last year, his catch on Manny Ramirez's ball was one of the best plays of the season in all of baseball. This year, he's made two or three exciting plays in center.

The Yanks are a loose bunch right now, probably for the first time since sweeping the Red Sox in that five-game series last August. Their next goal should not be to win the division or battle for the wild card. It should be to get back to .500, which they could do with a win Tuesday at home against the Diamondbacks as Interleague play continues.

We'll see how long this goes on, but it's starting to be fun to watch the Yankees again. And that should be a concerning thought for the American League.

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Geneseo98 said...

Great call on the Melky BIFF vs the Red Sox when he first came up. But I loved how that year Cashman went to the minors and struck gold with Cano and Wang... but I remember thinking that day, "No way this Melky kid can play for the yanks"... and now he's one of the reasons they are making this run.